Atria sells Linnamäe pig farm in Estonia

29.4.2016 10:00

Atria sells Linnamäe pig farm in Estonia

Atria sells Linnamäe pig farm in northern Estonia. Modernization of the farm in line with Atria's primary production strategy would require a significant investment in production facilities and equipment. The pig farm is located in the northern part of Estonia, which causes big logistical cost of transporting pigs to Atria's production plant in southern Estonia. In the current market situation the reduction of costs is necessary.

The sale of Linnamäe pig farm causes approximately a one-million-euro loss on sales. Linnamäe pig farm will be transferred to the new owner starting 29 April 2016.

For further information contact Olle Horm, Managing Director, Atria Baltic tel. +372 501 8214.

Juha Gröhn

Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd
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