20.5.2005 10:03

Atria Group plc will expand its current logistics centre in Nurmo with a 37-
million euro investment. The existing part of the state-of-the-art system was
completed in 2001, and the new extension will be ready in spring 2007. The
extention contains of 11 000 square metres of new room, 94 000 cubic metres. In
the meantime it nearly doubles the current capacity.

The strong increase in Atria's sales has turned the planned logistics investment
into a topical issue. The centralised Nurmo dispatching centre currently delivers
some 500,000 kilos of products every day. The needs of trade and catering
customers for increasingly individual and ever more frequent deliveries, built on
the principle of continuous supply, create additional demands. This means smaller
delivery lots and larger numbers of shipments involving circulating plastic
packaging boxes.

Atria has also been able to continuously reinforce its position and improve its
performance on the domestic market. There are several factors involved in this
development, such as successful investments in modern production and logistics
solutions. As the largest manufacturer of meat products in the Baltic Sea region,
Atria wants to maintain its position at the leading edge of logistics and
customer service in the industry, which it achieved through the advanced
automation solution introduced in 2001. A few years ago, Atria was named the
number one logistics company in Finland. By using highly advanced logistics
systems, Atria also aims at ensuring that customers receive products fresh
directly from the production line. This is particularly important for trade since
consumers' first demand is for fresh products. Atria also believes this to be one
of its primary advantages in the competition against imported products.

Atria has promised to disclose its plans concerning potential steps in Russia
before the holiday season. The goal is to establish a position on the meat
product market in western Russia. In the long term Atria considers it possible to
achieve a significant role on the strongly growing Russian market. The modern
retail chains in Russia are currently undergoing a period of rapid development
and boosting the demand for highly processed meat products.

Atria Group plc's turnover for the first quarter of the year was up by 19.5 per
cent, with the Group's profit also increasing from the previous year. In 2004,
the Group's turnover amounted to 833.7 million euro and its profit before taxes
was 33.7 million euro. This year we are anticipating a turnover of well over 900
million euro.

Seppo Paatelainen
Chief Executive Officer

Helsinki Stock Exchange
Principal media