Corporate acquisitions

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Corporate acquisitions

Atria has realised international growth mainly through acquisitions. The company began its expansion into a Nordic food company in 1997 by acquiring Lithells, Sweden's largest private meat company. Growth continued at the beginning of the 21st century, with the company becoming a meat and food industry company with operations in the entire Baltic Sea region when it first entered the Baltic states and then Russia soon after. Atria's home market area currently includes Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Estonia. In addition to these home markets, Atria is expanding internationally through its own concept businesses (Sibylla) and exports. 

The list below includes the most significant acquisitions as well as the most significant business purchases. The company descriptions and net sales figures represent the status prevailing when the company was acquired. The list does not include divestments or rationalisation programmes. There is more information about these and corporate acquisitions in Atria's company announcements at the following address:

Ab Korv-Görans Debab Oy
Atria Finland Ltd acquired 51% of the shares in Ab Korv-Görans Kebab Oy. Korv-Görans Kebab makes frozen meat products and is Atria’s longstanding partner as a contract manufacturer of kebab slices, cooked chicken products and other meat products made from Finnish raw materials. Atria’s aim is to strengthen its position in the convenience food and Foodservice market. The acquisition will provide Atria with new opportunities to respond to the growth of the convenience food market and the development of the Foodservice markets and customers’ wishes. 

Domretor Oy
Atria Finland acquired the entire share capital of Domretor Oy, a contract manufacturer in the food industry. Domretor produces a range of convenience food products and semi-prepared foods. The acquisition strengthens Atria’s position both in the retail convenience food selections and in the market for Food Service products. Domretor Oy has been an associated company of Atria since
2013 and will continue to operate independently as its own company.

gerberg i Norjeby AB
Atria is entering the poultry business in Sweden and purchases the entire share capital of Lagerberg i Norjeby AB (Lagerbergs).  Lagerbergs is the third largest supplier on the Swedish chicken market. In addition to its own chicken-rearing Lagerbergs is purchasing chickens from local producers.
Net sales: approximately EUR 30 million
Leading brand: Lagerbergs

Aalbaeck Specialiteter A/S
Atria acquires the operations of Aalbaek Specialiteter, a Danish manufacturer of organic cold cuts. The company is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of premium-grade organic meat products and the largest such manufacturer in Denmark. The transaction strengthens Atria’s market-leading position in cold cuts in Denmark. 
Net sales: approximately EUR 10 million
Leading brand: Aalbaeck

Saarioinen’s meat operations
Atria acquires Saarioinen’s procurement, slaughtering and cutting operations for beef, pork and chicken. The transaction increases Atria's productivity and reinforces its position as the market leader in the slaughterhouse industry in Finland.  
Net sales: approximately EUR 70 million
The transaction includes the brand: Jyväbroiler 

OOO Campomos
Atria acquires the Russian meat processing company OOO Campomos. The transaction enables Atria to establish itself in the market in the Moscow region. The company's main product groups are meat products and pizzas. 
Net sales: approximately EUR 75 million
Leading brand: CampoMos 

AB Ridderheims Delikatesser 
Atria acquires the Swedish company, Ridderheims, which has the most extensive selection of delicatessen products in the Nordic countries. The transaction strengthens Atria's selection in the high-added-value segment. The company has extensive international operations. 
Net sales: approximately EUR 50 million
Leading brand: Ridderheims

AS Wõro Kommerts and AS Vastse-Kuuste 
Atria acquires the Estonian meat processing companies Wõro Kommerts and Vastse-Kuuste Lihatööstus. The transaction reinforces Atria's position as the second largest company in the Estonia meat sector. 
Total net sales: approximately EUR 20 million.
Leading brands: Wõro, VK

AB Sardus
Atria acquires the Swedish listed company, Sardus. This major transaction turns Atria into a strong Scandinavian food company and a key player in the Baltic Sea region. Sardus, which produces cold cuts and convenience foods, has 14 brands and production plants in Sweden and Denmark. 
Net sales: approximately EUR 230 million
Leading brands: Aarboga Pastej, Lönneberga, Pastejköket, 3-Stjernet

Pouttu’s meat operations
Atria acquires Liha-Pouttu Oy’s meat procurement, slaughtering and meat cutting operations. The transaction increases Atria's meat-processing capacity and improves productivity.
Net sales: approximately EUR 25 million

OOO PIT Product
Atria expands its business into Russia by acquiring the PIT Product meat processing company. The company operates mainly in the St Petersburg region, where it is the market leader in several product groups and the second largest company in the meat processing sector. 
Net sales: approximately EUR 40 million
Leading brand: Pit-Product

AS Valga Lihatööstus
Atria acquires the Estonian company Valga Lihatööstus. The company controls its entire meat chain, from primary production to industrial manufacturing, and it is the second largest player in Estonia. 
Net sales: approximately EUR 10 million
Leading brand: Maks & Moorits 

UAB Vilniaus Mesa 
Atria begins its expansion into the Baltic Sea region by acquiring Lithuanian company Vilniaus Mesa. The company has a solid market position. 
Net sales: approximately EUR 10 million
Leading brand: Vilniaus Mesa

Samfood AB and Spira Ready Meal AB
Atria acquires the Samfood meat processing company and the Spira convenience food company from the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF). They become part of Lithells. The transaction makes Atria largest supplier of meat and meat products in the consumer goods retailer trade in Sweden.
Net sales: not publicised

Liha ja Säilyke Oy
Atria acquires the food industry company Liha ja Säilyke operating in Forssa. The deal allows Atria to diversify its selection especially in the salad and convenience food product groups and to strengthen its logistics operations.  
Net sales:
Leading brand: Forssan 

Lithells AB
Atria establishes itself on the Swedish market by buying the Lithells meat processing company.  It is the largest private meat company in Sweden and it also has extensive fast-food operations. As part of the transaction, Atria becomes owner of one of Sweden's most respected food industry brands, Sibylla.  
Net sales: approximately FIM 950 million
Leading brands: Lithells, Sibylla