Business risks

Atria as an investment

Business risks


Atria Group’s business, net sales or results can be affected by several uncertainties. Atria has described its business risks and risk management in detail in its Annual Report 2022, which can be found at

The impact of geopolitical risks, cost inflation and higher market interest rates on Atria’s financial performance has prevailed during the first quarter of this year. Cost inflation and increased loan interest rates have also affected consumers’ purchasing behaviour. Atria’s diverse product range suits various consumption needs. Atria also continuously adapts its product range to consumer needs.

Atria has prepared itself for increasing cybercrime and information system failures. Planned monitoring and continuous improvement of cyber security are practiced to guarantee quick responses in exceptional situations.

Atria has a holding of 2% in Majakka Voima Oy, which has become subject to claims for damages due to the Fennovoima project. Atria believes it is unlikely that the claims will result in any significant costs for Atria.

Highly pathogenic avian influenza and African swine fever are examples of animal diseases, whose spreading to Finland is a factor of uncertainty for Atria’s operation. Atria has protective measures in place in its own production plants and at its contract farms.