Responsible business while listening to the business environment and stakeholders

We are committed to responsible business and the requirements of our operating environment and stakeholders. We are guided by profitable growth, ethics and value-creation partnerships.

Through responsible operations, we aim to ensure favourable conditions for our current and future operations. In accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we consider the economic, social and environmental aspects of our operations in all of our business areas. We also require our business partners to comply with similar principles in their operations. 

Corporate responsibility is integrated into all levels of our operations: targets, values, operating strategies, management and day-to-day work. Our communications are truthful, open and interactive.

Corporate responsibility is managed at group and local levels

Common operating principles are determined at group level. Operations are aligned with these principles, and common development projects are determined for all business areas. Reporting related to corporate responsibility is also implemented at group level.

Responsibility is developed as part of day-to-day operational management across Atria’s business areas. Steering groups in the business areas analyse the expectations of their key stakeholders and initiate any necessary development programmes.