Pig feeds and feeding

Pigs are fed according to a precise feeding plan. At every stage in production, animals have their own unique needs, and the content of feeds varies depending on the production phase.

The main raw ingredient in pig feed is grain. The majority of this is produced on Finnish farms. In addition, supplementary protein – such Finnish barley protein feeds, broad beans or soya – is essential for growth and well-being.

Barley protein feed, which is concentrated from Finnish barley, is a by-product of barley starch production at Altia’s Koskenkorva plant. More than half of the pigs slaughtered by Atria have received A-Rehu barley protein feed as their main form of supplementary protein.

If soya is used as a supplementary source of protein in pig feed, it is always imported. A-Rehu only uses GM-free soya with Pro Terra certification in its own products.

Feeding plans must also be designed to ensure that animals receive sufficient amounts of vitamins, micronutrients and minerals.