Juha Gröhn elected as Atria CEO

Juha Gröhn, a man known to the company’s employees and producers as well as the meat industry and the entire food sector, takes the helm at Atria. 

Own man takes the helm

Juha Gröhn, MSc (Food Sc.) (b. 1963), has had a long career at Atria: before the managing directorship of Atria Group, he was in charge of Atria Scandinavia’s operations. He has also worked in various managerial positions at Atria Finland and Atria Baltic. He has been a member of Atria’s management team since 1993. Gröhn was actively involved when the company implemented an extensive change and adjustment programme in 1991–1996.

“Juha Gröhn has solid experience in the meat sector. He started his career at Lihapolar Oy in 1990 and has worked at Atria Plc since then. He is familiar with the meat sector and knows the challenges of primary production and industry. Throughout his career, he has worked in close cooperation with businesses in the consumer goods retail trade in Finland, Estonia and Sweden. Juha is known for his open and straightforward management style, and I am convinced that under his leadership, Atria will have everything it needs to succeed in the highly competitive food industry,” says Martti Selin, chairman of Atria Plc’s Board of 


“Despite the uncertainty of the global economy, I see growth opportunities in all the markets in which we operate,” CEO Gröhn estimates in Atria’s annual report 2011.