Atria to send its first batch of pork in a railway container to China

Atria will send its first batch of Finnish pork in a railway container from Helsinki to China on Friday, 25 September 2020. This is a historic moment, as Atria is the first European company to use rail transport to export pork to China. Until now, deliveries have taken place by ship.

The freezer container batch contains Finnish pork, mainly frozen pork heads for Atria's long-term Chinese customer in Chongqing. The batch of meat is expected to arrive in China in approximately two weeks. The train containing pork will travel through Russia and Kazakhstan to Chongqing. Delivery of meat by ship from Finland to China takes approx. 40 days.

Atria was the first Finnish company to receive a permit to export pork to China. The first shipments of meat arrived in China in June 2017. Pork exports to China have been even better than expected in terms of volumes at the beginning of the year. In its half-year financial report, Atria has estimated that pork exports to China will increase during 2020. In 2019, Atria exported almost 9 million kilos of pork from Finland to China.

For more information, please contact: Markku Hirvijärvi, Senior Vice President, Industrial and Export Operations,, tel. +358 40 773 9276